Batman figurine – step 2

So here is the latest state of the character (plus an intermediate stage showing the skeleton update):


I’ve cut the arms and head armature to add a socket joint, allowing me to remove these parts and work them independently. Lot of problem solving, I loved it 🙂

I also tweaked a bit more the pose to get the imbalance feel I wanted. I’m happy that the weight of the sculpture isn’t deforming the armature, it stands pretty well for now. I’ll have to watch this along the way.

Finally added some more details to it, not too many though as I’ll probably add Catwoman in the picture now and get the full feel of the scene before more polishing. And the cape will be a big issue to solve, several possible options, need to think more about this.

I need also to get one of these lamp magnifiers to work on details later on, I’m killing my eyes when trying to work from real close. By the way if anyone knows where to buy one of these in Singapore, I’m interested.

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