Catwoman – first step

Man, I’m enjoying this a lot, can’t stop working on it.

Here is the lady who will be “dancing” with Batman. First her skeleton, and then the first pass of modeling.

After considering 2 possible options (torso facing the ground and kicking back, or torso looking up and kicking front), I’m going for kicking front.

I find it more appealing and we get to see better the character’s face. Plus I like the challenge of having her too being off-balance, on one arm only this time. Hope I won’t pay this later on if it crumbles…

I wanted to make the left arm detachable originally but I went too far in the cutting process (though I left lot of safety length for this at first), so I had to repair it and I gave up on making a socket joint eventually. I still have to progress on this 😛

Finally I’ve put her on a separate temporary stand, to be able to make a quick first rough pass. I’ll include both characters in the same scene later on.

I’m pretty excited to see how all this will evolve 🙂

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