Bat and Cat together

Here is the full scene, with a bit more work on refining Catwoman. She still has sketchy head, arms and feet, I’ll fix that next.

And I’ll then resume Batman’s modeling, who got left at his blocking stage for a very long time, can’t wait to fix the numerous anatomy issues which are burning my eyes now.

Still some thinking process:

– I tried shaping a cape as a test with a wire, I’m pretty happy with the direction it’s going. It gives enough room to see clearly the characters and it still has a bit of dynamism. I’ll probably try other shapes though in the meantime.

– I’ve been hesitating which style and costumes going for the characters now that I’m entering polishing soon, and I’ve finally decided to go for Jim Lee’s version. I might change a little some proportions in the process to fit better.

– Finally I’m still wondering if I should go for an abstract background (just a rock under Catwoman) or depict more of a precise scene. Still thinking.

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