Daddy’s & Lilo’s Artwork

After discussion with Lilo (9 years old) we decided to share some of our respective artwork.


So here is a compilation of some “5mn lunchbox drawings” I rushed to draw for Lilo every morning the past few weeks, before Summer break, on colored paper sheets of 7 cm x 7 cm max (lunchbox size).

This is to put in her lunchbox, to encourage her to open it. She sometimes forgot to eat at noon at school, too busy playing…   (^▽^ ; )

And best part:  it DID work, she’s since been looking into her lunchbox every day ! She’s happy, Daddy’s happy too ! Yayy !! 🙂


And here are some of Lilo’s master pieces of her current passion, Rainbow loom. My favorite is her Pikachu’s head and her pokeball, so nice 🙂



It’s been a while, but very pleasant session.
I tried the new Jot Pro stylus, by Adonit. Really nice and comfortable, definitely my favorite from now on.


Tried to go for working the lines this week, didn’t work out. I came back to colour half way through the session :/